Full Service Community Association Management Firm with headquarters in Miami Beach, specialized in Community Association Management of various Associations in the Great Miami Area.


Our Community Association Management department's experienced and bilingual team provides professional and quality service while managing any size and type of the Community Association (Condominiums and Cooperatives). Our company oversee all necessary aspects when managing the association, providing the board and all the members and owners with an online access to everyday operation. Chopard International is state licensed, insured and CAM certified company.


Chopard International is taking big steps toward making Miami's Community Association Management more accessible to its culturally diverse and international customer base, breaking down the biggest problem - communication barriers.

More than just real estate



Each community is unique with a variety of special needs. By focusing on your Community’s needs and working closely with you, we ensure that you are given the full attention and customization that you deserve.

Our highly trained staff includes certified property managers with extensive years of experience in the industry. We can offer the accounting services, an escrow coordinator, and a collections liaison with Community  Association management experience. We are a technology focused firm and utilize advanced software to help us achieve highly efficient and effective management of our communities.

As a full service management company, we are experienced in all facets of Community Association management.

We understand the challenges of serving as a board of director to control costs, increase property values, and reduce the time commitment of the community volunteers.  Our experienced and certified property managers and staff can help your community meet its needs and goals, while reducing management costs and saving you time and money.  CHOPARD MANAGEMENT help by sharing best practices (based on our years of experience) to ensure you stay a step ahead.  By understanding your needs and goals, we can help guide your association toward positive results.

With CHOPARD MANAGEMENT you’ll find that we genuinely care about you and your Community!  In an industry where people make a difference, we provide a personal touch to homeowners and board members alike – which has allowed us to build positive relationships and make a difference for the more than 100 communities that we manage.


Our Advantages

  1. Specializing in Community management for over a quarter century means we know how to best serve your community using our vast experience and established network of relationships.

  2. We offer competitive pricing of the highest quality service with no hidden fees or setup costs. We invest in long term relationships and hence do not believe in setup fees.

  3. We offer customizable service packages to accommodate Associations of all sizes and types.

  4. All of our managers are highly qualified with extensive experience and are CAM certified.

  5. We closely monitor delinquent accounts, and unlike other management companies, we never take any portion of late fees. We believe late fees belong to the Association, not the management company.

  6. We utilize only independent vendors and contractors, which are thoroughly vetted to ensure quality of work, competitive pricing, and that licenses and insurance are current.

  7. Our friendly staff is always glad to help out homeowners and vendors with account and billing related inquiries. We take pride in knowing our communities are pleased with our services and can put you in touch with our partnering managers and board members as references.

  8. We offer complimentary education and training to help Board Members learn about their responsibilities and keep current with laws and regulation.

  9. We are technology driven without sacrificing personal touch.

  10. How We Use Technology to Help You

  11. We invest in technology so that we can offer the most cost effective and convenient services to our communities. 

  12. Our managers are all equipped with tablets allowing for quick access to extensive data and more efficient meetings.

  13. We offer Associations customized full featured websites linked to our accounting systems. 

  14. We provide electronic billing and document dissemination options which significantly reduce costs.


Some of the services that we offer:

Administrative Management

  1. A customized website unique to each Association allows homeowners to view their accounts online and for Board Members to communicate with homeowners

  2. Schedule, coordinate and attend board meetings

  3. Escrow demands, new homeowner packages, and new homeowner orientation

  4. 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency services

  5. Enforce the Association CC&R provisions, policies, and rules and regulations

  6. Comprehensive management report that includes an overview, summary of all correspondence, brief description of all repairs and maintenance, and violation notices.

  7. Interface with governmental agencies, attorneys, CPAs, and vendors

Maintenance Management

  1. Regular site inspections and performance monitoring via cost versus quality evaluation of outside maintenance contractors

  2. Preparation of project specification sheets and work orders, obtaining bids, and screening contractors

  3. Goal setting and preventive and curative maintenance planning in close cooperation and consultation with the Board and appropriate Committees

  4. Coordinating with construction consultants

  5. Preparation of work orders for maintenance contractors

Financial/Accounting Management

  1. Complete Accounts Receivable service including electronic billing, established lockbox system receiving cash receipts on a daily basis, direct debit services, and online payments

  2. Complete Accounts Payable service including preparation of checks for review and signature by Board of Directors, updating vendor files annually, and reconciling, generating and mailing of 1099’s to required vendors

  3. Fund Accounting, which allows for activities within Associations to be shown separately on financial statements for easier management and tracking.

  4. Reconciliation of all bank and investment accounts with copies provided to the Board of Directors with financial reports

  5. Financial Reports consisting of a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Budget Analysis, Cash Disbursement listing, delinquency reports and bank statements.

  6. Preparation of annual budgets

  7. Reflection of payroll entries on the General Ledger

  8. Delinquency control and collections

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