Probate is many times a very messy process putting together all the affairs of a deceased loved one - those things that were never quite gotten around to before. Now, as the Personal Representative or Administrator of the estate those tasks fall to you. You are in new, uncomfortable territory and still grieving. The process has a lot of requirements and the only thing you want is just need to get the process done and over.

Dealing with family and creditors would be enough, but the avalanche of calls and letters from investors, real estate agents is just too much! You feel the pressure from all sides, but you know you have to do things right. There is an easy solution. We can help you to resolve your probate real estate issues.

If you have already or you are looking for a probate lawyer you need to speak to one of our professionals. We specialize in probate especially when real estate is involved.


Get top dollars for your inherited or probate property. Make zero repairs and you can decide how much to pay in commissions.

What most agents don't know can really hurt you. Traditional sale and Probate sale are not at all the same and inexperienced agents may often ended up wasting valuable time and creating a friction arguing about between estate attorney regarding unnecessary disclosures. The majority of agents are not trained and equipped estate sales, clean ups or donations. Working with experienced team of real estate agents will always save you not just the time but the money as well.


You have 2 options to sell your property:


Option 1. You can sell it to an investor for all cash and a fast 21 day closing below the market value. This is the fastest and easiest way to sell the property. If your property qualifies, you will usually receive a written offer for a review by the estate within 72 hours of contract. Once the offer is accepted by the estate we can help you to handle all the arrangements and paperwork with a local title company.


Option 2. We can find you a qualified buyer, who will pay a fair market value for your property, allowing closing between 60 and 75 days depending of type of financing and market conditions.


In most cases you can expect between 20 and 30% more money if you choose the Option 2.

We can handle an estate sale as well to sell everything in the property, including a furniture, before to put your property on the market for sale and take care about the donation of the remaining items, that were not sold, allowing you a tax credit for a donation.

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